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DNA Cold Press Juicer Machine – Introduction Video.

Possibly the Best Juicer on the market.

Watch the video on this amazing masticating juicer thia video will show you all you need to know about this juice extractor .

DNA cold press juicer

The DNA cold press juicer has become an imortant part of my day.

I am really loving our DNA Juicer Red. It is easy to use, fast and simple to clean. I am dedicated to health and juicing forms a large part of that. I am so glad to have gotten my hands on a DNA Juicer to make my daily green juice with.-Jesse Gills – Musician

DNa cold press juicer

The DNA cold press juicer is a money saving product.

The DNA Juicer has made my daily juicing a pleasure. My health has improved tenfold since I started juicing and I have since saved thousands of Rands on Doctors Bills and Medication. A Green Juice a day keeps the Doctor away.-Theola Nortjie – OPS Manager

DNA cold press juicer testimonial

The DNA cold press juicer makes healthy living easy.

The DNA Juicer has helped me create and maintain a fitter, healthier and more energetic life than I ever imagined possible. The Juice it creates is Nutrient-Rich and juicing is as easy and efficient as it gets. Cheers to the DNA Juicer. -Gunter Berger – Business Owner

DNA cold press juicer tstimonial carolina wessels

The DNA cold press juicer is such a pleasure to use .

What a pleasure it is to use the DNA Cold Press Juicer. My husband recently mentioned that he’ll actually skip dinner and rather have his freshly pressed juice! He really loves it!-Carlina Wessels – Specialist HR Business Reform

DNA cold press juicer

My DNA cold press juicer mkes being healthy easy.

Since I started juicing, I feel slimmer and more energetic than ever before. As a single mom, I need the extra nutritional boost that juicing offers me. Thanks to the DNA Juicer for making juicing quick and easy.-Robyn Booyens – PA

DNA cold press juicer

The DNA cold press juicer provides all the nutrition I need.

As a mother of two toddlers, eating healthy remains a challenge. That is why I love getting my dose of Vitamins and Minerals through my freshly cold-pressed Fruit and Vegetable Juice every day. Thanks to the DNA for making it possible.-Janine Watkins – Mother of Two.

cold press juicer

My DNA cold press juicer changed my life.

The DNA Juicer has changed my life for the better. It offers less preparation time, easier juicing with the large feeding chute and surprisingly easier cleaning than any other Juicer I have ever owned.-Lisa Raleigh – Media Personality and Fitness & Wellness Expert

DNA cold press juicer

I love using my DNA cold press juicer .

I am in love with my DNA juicer! It’s so easy to use and does all the hard work for me. Both my children love our morning juices and I feel healthier and more radiant since incorporated juicing into our daily routine.- Nicole Capper – Mrs. South Africa

cold press juicer

The DNA Cold press juicer makes it easy being healthy.

As a Business Woman, Media Personality and a Mom of Two, keeping healthy has always been a difficult feat. But now with the DNA Juicer, my daily Glass of Raw Juice is easily prepared and enjoyed. The DNA Juicer is a life saver-Karolina Rafalski – Miss SA Finalist